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Why have friends if they just bail on you all the time anyway

God I literally have the shittiest friends known to man

honestly it would be really more than okay if i could just die now and stop wasting time

literally i mean there’s such beautiful piano playing right now and the world around me is dark and tranquil. i think it would just be wonderful to slip into a reverie and float away.

dying like this, right here, right now just seems so appealing and heavenly.

in the least morbid, least self-destructive, most peaceful way possible, i’d just like to say:

i really want to die right now.

I couldn’t detest more when people make fun of self-portraiture.

A lot of my self-portraits I took during a time when I was hurting, or lost, or confused or misguided. During times of my life when I was forced out of my home, when my family was ripped apart, when I was in a transitional state and didn’t know what would happen next. I don’t expect people to understand, but deprecating and poking fun at the only documentations I have of these lonely, heartbreaking times in my life for all the world to see is not quite the best approach.

Sassiest line in Les Mis
  • Valjean: "Yes it means I'm free"
  • Javert: "No"

Literally there are some days when I really wish I was a cat. It would be so much easier to sleep, eat, and act cute than whatever the fuck I’m doing right now.